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And the winners are...

Best Creator Collab - ASOS

Our Judges chose ASOS as the best Creator Collab


Best Use of Visual FX - Pepsi

Our judges felt Pepsi aced this with their use of Duets

Best Use of Music

Our judges voted L'Oreal the winner for their NYX activity

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Winning best use of Visual FX and scoring highly in Creator Collab made Pepsi the clear choice as the overall winner

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Welcome to the GTTC Awards - Celebrating The Best TikTok Creative

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Our GTTC Awards webinar

Video & Deck

You can watch the webinar again here and this is the deck we shared with links to all the case studies and videos.

We have big plans for the next Awards and would love your thoughts - tweet us here

And have you signed up for our newsletters;

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How you can help us;

  • Please share this with friends and colleagues

  • If you know people at the winning brands please hook us up

  • email us with a great brand you think we should include in the future

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For this project we are delighted to have some great marketers from top agencies and top brands joining us as judges;

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For the last year we have published a weekly email celebrating the best creative ads on TikTok. This has gone down well and we have almost 2000 subscribers. Now we are evolving this to the next level, with our first awards...

We have assembled a great set of Judges and we aim to identify and celebrate great work from brands big and small.

And the winning entries will get their award as an exclusive NFT - one for each winning entry. People who are part of the team behind winning work can purchase one of the NFTs.

These NFTs will be minted with all the winners logos as elements of the Creative.


The TikTok Creative Award - Gold, Silver, Bronze

The TikTok Creative Award SMB - Gold, Silver, Bronze

Best Creator Collab

Best Creator Collab (SMB)

Best Use of Music

Best Use of Visual Effects

Special Judges Award - personal favorite from each judge

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Entering the GTTC awards costs £250 per campaign. If you want to also be considered for Best Creator Collab, Best Use of Music and Best Use of Visual Effects these cost an additional £100 per campaign. Or £500 for have your entry considered for them all.

To enter you need to submit a short (1-2 pages) doc giving us the background on the campaign, including the Client and the team. Plus a link to the TikTok and a video file (YouTube) to showcase on the website.

Payment via Stripe

Please add a screengrab of your Stripe confirmation to the Awards entry.

Submit your entry (Doc, Video File and Stripe screengrab) via WeTransfer to

Final entry date is January 31. Any questions? Use the contact form below.

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We are convinced the smartest way to improve digital is to encourage better creative work. Despite the efforts of many smart people across brands, agencies and platforms most digital creative is poor.

That’s annoying for users and also wastes brand budgets. We know that better creative is the best way to improve the effectiveness of any media campaign and we spend a lot of time both evangelising this and advising on how to improve.

TikTok is a remarkable platform that intrinsically highlights the creative talents of users and we felt we should turn a spotlight on the best work done by brands.

Our first awards will build on the success of our newsletter...

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54 Gore Road, London, E9 7HN


Thanks for submitting!

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